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Brandon Stiver has worn several hats, but has one vocation: to see orphans, vulnerable and separated children thrive in a family that loves them. This has looked like mobilizing pastors and congregations, providing family based services in Tanzania, recruiting foster parents in California and, alongside his wife, adopting a child into their own family.



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Brandon has been working at the cross-section of non-profit work and children’s justice issues for fifteen years.

Brandon spent several years working in the child welfare sector in Moshi, Tanzania. After working at a children’s home for a few years, he recognized that very little was being done to help children find permanent care in family and making matters worse, most of the children actually had families in the community that could provide such care. After taking a hiatus in the states, Brandon and his family returned to Moshi and setup a non-profit program that mobilized the local community to care for children resulting in families strengthened, children entering parental care and indigenous leaders empowered to continue leading the movement.

After his years in Tanzania, Brandon returned to his native California and worked at the community level to recruit and equip foster parents before taking his current role with 1MILLIONHOME. As the Senior Director of Global Programs and Partnerships, Brandon advocates for a child’s right to family and provides support to a community of remarkable organizations that are helping children return to family care throughout the world. There are millions of children separated from families and left in orphanages or out on the streets; we are audacious enough to believe that we can help them get home.

Brandon has his Master’s in Global Development and Justice and focused much of his graduate research on issues facing children in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to his work with 1MILLIONHOME, he also teaches at two different universities on issues facing at risk children globally.

Brandon lives in Tacoma, Washington with his wife Melissa and their four children. He speaks Swahili, has a chemical dependency on coffee and bleeds Dodger blue.