For Every Child,
There is a Way Home

Millions of children in orphanages and on the streets have a parent or relative to go home to.

Only family can provide:


When children are separated from family, they are at higher risk of trauma and trafficking. The first line of defense is parents who lovingly care for their child.


A child’s essential care needs for mental and emotional development are met when they receive love from their family.


When children grow up in a home they have a sense of belonging. This sets them up for success and connection into adulthood.

Each day we fail to return these children to their families, we compound the harm and increase its lifelong consequences. 

Jack P Shonkoff, M.D.

Founding Director | Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

For every child, there is a way home.

We refuse to settle for anything less than permanent family homes for children. We radically collaborate with local partners to accelerate the best solutions for kids to journey home. Our partners maintain a long-term relationship with families to ensure the child’s well-being is prioritized during their upbringing.