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1MILLIONHOME works to identify, enhance and viably scale best-in-class, evidence-based solutions for orphan care practitioners shifting to family-based care. Our programs are collaborative, agile and data-driven, which accelerate their adoption, decision support, and continual improvements.




Weza Care Solutions

Empowering Kenyan practitioners to reunite children and strengthen families


Develop a child-centered approach for safe and effective family reunification with proven tools and training


Learn from experienced mentors and coaches and gain knowledge, skills, and tools to increase your impact and funding


Get started right away with an implementation plan and toolkit to build a program that will grow and scale over time


For Practitioners, By Practitioners


JOURNEYHOME is offering online courses and practical resources for reforming models of care throughout the world. Created by seasoned frontline practitioners, the instructors in our community share field-tested and solution-based content to safely and effectively get kids home.

Live Workshops

Our comprehensive live trainings have empowered over 500 practitioners from 30 nations. The first of their kind, developed by practitioners who safely, successfully transitioned from orphan care to family-based care.

All that has been done…is going to change the situation of children in Kenya. We need this model in all our counties. The good thing is that you have made this Workshop so simple and real that we are empowered to do the work.

Carren Ogoti

Senior assistant director, Head of Section, AFC and counter trafficking in Persons, Kenya


Launching applications for case management, form management, and GPS-tracking of case workers’ family tracing and post-placement visits.

Nexus is a ground-breaking, digital platform that elevates three crucial needs in the field:

1. Child Protection
2. Social Worker efficiency for data entry and tracking, allowing them to go farther, faster.
3. Data collection and research development

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Transforming orphanages into centers of child protection, trauma rehabilitation, and family reunification will open up global capacity to maximize the number of institutionalized and street children getting home to permanent, loving families – and minimize the time to do it.