1MILLION begins with 1MORE

1 Begins With YOU!

       We believe every child deserves to grow up in a safe and loving family, and we think you do too.

Make family a reality for another vulnerable child

You Make All the Difference

It’s why you are here at Replanted after all. You have already said “yes” to love and care for a vulnerable child — maybe even more than one. You are living out this belief.

Because of this, you are already part of this mission. And for that, we can’t thank you enough. It’s why we say 1 begins with you.

Now we are asking you to go deeper. Please help us as we empower orphanages and childcare organizations to reunite children and families.

Will you help get one more vulnerable child or orphan home? Your generous gift today will help accomplish this because 1 million begins with 1 more.

Want to know what your gift can do? Below are a few examples of the impact your generosity creates.

$25/monthSponsor training a practitioner or social worker.
$50/monthSponsor a consulting session for orphanage leaders and social workers.
$100/monthHelp strengthen a family.
$250/monthHelp reunite a child.
$500/monthProvide comprehensive support for a community-based organization


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