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Transform an orphanage and create a safe place for at-risk children

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Your Investment Helps…

Reunite 16 kids safely with their parents or extended relatives.

Strengthen hundreds of families through education and trauma counseling.

Establish short-term urgent care for children in difficult situations.

What’s happening

Trust for Africa has been involved in Lesotho for decades to support impoverished families and children affected by HIV/AIDS. With a desire to provide a safe place for children, Trust for Africa opened an orphanage to care for children. While the team integrated family reunification services for children in the facility nine years ago, several children have remained in long-term care.

How you are helping

The excellent staff at Trust for Africa are doubling down on family based care and doing the hard work to find and prepare a family for all the remaining children in their care. With your support, Trust for Africa will hire and train the necessary social work staff to finish this important job of supporting children on their journey home.

What this will do

Africa will continue to serve Mohale’s Hoek and other communities throughout Lesotho. They will continue to provide short-term care for children in urgent and abusive situations and carve out a way for those children to return to a safe family too.

Trust for Africa actively provides family strengthening services in education, social work and trauma informed training as well. Finishing their transformation will enhance all the other services that they provide to their community. The team is also forging other partnerships throughout Lesotho to see country-wide shifts towards family care.

Meet Paul

Paul* had become separated from his family and ended up staying years. This past December, after a long process of family tracing, counseling and preparation, Paul was able to return to family as he was placed with his aunt and uncle deep in the mountains of Lesotho.

A couple of weeks after his placement, a social worker from Trust for Africa followed up with Paul and his family to see how they were doing. Paul pulled the social worker aside one point to privately ask if he might venture back to the facility. She asked why he wanted to go back and his response was very telling. He just wanted to visit and grab the Bible that he had forgotten there!

Paul is enjoying life with his family and Trust for Africa continues to provide excellent follow-up for him and his family.

*Name changed to protect his identity