1MILLION begins with 1MORE

Give the Gift of Family

Make family a reality for another vulnerable child

You Make All the Difference

Your gift to 1MILLIONHOME makes an impact on global communities by:

  • Reuniting children into permanent, loving families
  • Renewing families that were once separated
  • Revitalizing communities, empowering them for long-term impact

Children separated from their families want to be home: our on-the-ground partners have told us stories of kids who have asked staff to find their parents. 

Just like you would never settle for less than the best care for the kids in your life, we know you want the same for kids globally.

You are paving the way home for kids who want nothing more than family. Thank you for saying ‘Yes!’ to these kids—thank you for saying ‘Yes!’ to family!

Want to know what your gift can do? Below are a few examples of the impact your generosity creates.

$25/monthSponsor training a practitioner or social worker.
$50/monthSponsor a consulting session for orphanage leaders and social workers.
$100/monthHelp strengthen a family.
$250/monthHelp reunite a child.
$500/monthProvide comprehensive support for a community-based organization


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