The 100% Participation Campaign

JOIN US MARCH 25 – APRIL 8, 2021

Through this campaign, you can help us increase public awareness and raise funds for organizations that provide family-based solutions for vulnerable children and those at risk of separating from family — both globally and in the USA.

This campaign is a collective commitment to one big idea:
It will take 100% of us to get 100% of children into a safe and loving family.

Join our Campaign

Go to our partner page on and click on “Get 100% Participation Button”

Create a Profile and Create a Team

Which can be made up of family, friends, church members, sports team, extracurricular groups and/or your favorite co-workers.

Invite your friends to participate

Rally your friends to achieve the campaign goal of 100% Participation – focusing more on activating 100% of your network to give any amount (no amount is too small) rather than focusing on the amount raised.