Home is the only justice for the orphan


Brain Science

Evidence based research has proven that children develop best in families.  Lack of attachment to a primary caregiver can cause irreparable harm to a child’s brain development.

Adult Outcomes

According to studies, those who survive a childhood in an orphanage can be 10 times more likely to be involved in prostitution; 40 times more likely to get a criminal record; and 500 times more likely to commit suicide.

More Orphanages Is Not The Answer

Tragically, orphanages inadvertently separated families. poverty stricken parent seeking better opportunities for their child became incentivized to place them there.

the constraints of orphanages

UNICEF says there are over 100 million living on the streets and over 8 million in orphanages.Building more orphanages is not the answer for these children living on the streets. The innovative strategy of 1MillionHome is to equip partners to convert their orphanages into reintegration centers that transition children home. 

This is the answer to ending the orphan crisis.

The AGAPE Model

Back in 2008, leaders of an orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya realized most of the children in their orphanage had family they could go home to. After safely reuniting every one of these children with family, they began inviting children to exit street life and transition home. Since then, Agape Children’s Ministry has reintegrated over 3,000 children home and opened up a second site in Kitale, Kenya. 1MH has partnered with Agape to build a model of conversion and reintegration that guides orphanage leaders through successful conversion of their models of care.

Learn more about Agape Children’s Ministry.

Here is a world-class Family Reunification model pioneered by one of our partners, Agape Children’s Ministry.


The foundation for all that Agape does. We present the redeeming message and love of Jesus Christ to see lives transformed through God’s truth.


The Agape model actively monitors areas and identify separated and abandoned children and bring them to their reunification center.


Children are treated for trauma, the root cause of their seperation is identified and addressed, and they are prepared to return to their family.


Children are reintegrated into permanent local familes who have been recruited, vetted, and empowered. Case management services follow the child until she becomes an adult



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5,000 orphanages


50 beds average


4 kids home per year


1,000,000 KIDS HOME

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