The turning point
in the orphan crisis
is near.

The turning point
in the orphan crisis
is near.    is now  .

To every child trapped in an orphanage or fighting to survive on the streets:
For too long, we  separated  kids from family.
For too long, we  settled  for temporary solutions.
For too long, we  assumed  adoption was the only answer.

We will no longer leave you as orphans.

4 out of 5

have a living parent or relative they could safely go home to



are more likely to be trafficked, exploited, or commit suicide


of 8 million kids in orphanages get adopted into the US.

Act Now

Donate to get a child home

Every $250 helps make a way for a kid to go home to a loving family.

Transform my church

Churches are the biggest supporters of orphan care worldwide. Have your church join the family care revolution.

Transform my orphanage

You support an orphanage, you run an orphanage. Now that we know better, let’s do better.

How $250 gets a kid home

Empowers a local social worker to find a safe family

Provides trauma counseling in a holistic environment

Prepares family and kid to go home

Kid comes home and receives ongoing support from social worker

It costs $700/month to care for one child in an orphanage. To support that same child in a permanent, loving family is about $50/month.

Home is the only justice for the orphan