The Power of
Radical Collaboration

We believe in the power of radical collaboration to transform orphanages and get kids home.

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Transforming Orphanages

Our Impact Model

Before Reunification

Orphanages housed the same kids year after year, separated from family.

After Reunification

Transformed orphanages provide short-term care and reunite children with family

How it Works

See how one transformed orphanage can help hundreds of kids go home

And it’s Working!

“We are now able to help more children than ever before!”

After Beatrice attended our Family Reunification Workshop, she began the brave work of reintegrating kids from her center. She was able to reunify 54 kids from her organization with their families.

Need Help Transforming Your Orphanage?

We don’t want to see the trend of orphanages shutting down to continue. Instead, we aspire to see orphanages transformed in order to strengthen families and get kids home where they belong. Learn how to safely transform your orphanage.