The Turning Point In The Orphan Crisis

1MILLIONHOME is a network of leaders working collaboratively to advance reintegration efforts and empower orphanages to convert their models of care


Whether you’re a thought leader, an orphanage director, or an umbrella organization, consider joining the 1MILLIONHOME initiative. Collectively we equip leaders around the world with practical tools, training, and resources that assist with exceptional child welfare practices.

Here is a family reunification model of one of our partners, Agape.


The foundation for all that Agape does. We present the redeeming message and love of Jesus Christ to see lives transformed through God’s truth.


Agape actively monitors areas and identify separated and abandoned children and bring them to their reunification center.


Children are treated for trauma, the root cause of their seperation is identified and addressed, and they are prepared to return to their family.


Children are reintegrated into permanent local families who have been recruited, vetted, and empowered.

Check out our most recent Family Reunification Workshop in Kenya, hosted by Agape Children’s Ministry, that equipped 200 leaders using the world class Agape Model!



Would you like to partner with 1MILLIONHOME? If so please take some time to ensure that your organization fits our criteria to be considered a 1MILLIONHOME Practitioner Partner.

What practices are expected for 1MH partners?

The philosophy of 1MH partners is that we attempt to place children in permanent families, as native as possible, in order to mitigate trauma. What this means is that we first attempt to return children to biological family whenever possible. Immediate family first, then extended family if necessary. If that is not possible, we advocate for permanent placement with a family in-country. If that’s not possible, we support adoption efforts. Our practices need to support this order of priorities so that permanence and family preservation are always the highest priorities for every child.

Our partners commit to advocating for children in need in ways that do not separate them from parents or are shifting their model of care to do so. 

Our partners advocate for permanence as early as possible because we know that a child’s development can be permanently harmed if attachment is disrupted and trauma is endured. 

The staff of our partners are trauma informed and do not physically harm the children in their care, nor do they advocate for parents to harm children.

Our partners make special provision for children with disabilities and work to eliminate stigmas that work against the possibility of permanence for these children. Our partners provide medical, educational, therapeutic, and other services directly or through established partnerships in their local community.

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August 19 - 23, 2019

1MH, along with our partners at Agape Children’s Ministry, will return to Kenya in August to provide the Agape Model workshop on family reunification. Seating is limited at this comprehensive, five-day workshop. Register today!

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August 28 - 30, 2019

Together with our partners Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ) and Alliance For Children Everywhere (ACE), we are hosting a three-day workshop in Lusaka, Zambia. Seating is limited – register today!

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October 2019

Join 1MH at the Global Forum for a World Without Orphans, October 24 – 27, 2019 in Chiang Mai, Thailand as we gather with global leaders with the same goal; a world without orphans.

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