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to bring kids home

“Trust me, coming home matters.”

dave evans, keynote speaker
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More Than Ever Event Highlights

The Story of 1millionhome

Mike gallagher · 8 mins
Co-Founder / CEO of 1MILLIONHOME shares his family’s journey from adopting 1 child to multiplying partnerships to bring multitudes home.

Transforming Orphanages

Mike gallagher · 5 mins 

How the “big idea” of orphanages repurposing their buildings, beds and staff achieve far better outcomes for far more children.

“As hundreds of orphanages transform, hundreds of thousands of orphaned children can get safely home to loving, permanent families.”

mike gallagher

How Does the Investment Work?


The unprecedented return on investment from shifting long-term residential care into short-term reunification and long-term family strengthening.

Is This Your Work?

dave evans keynote · 14 mins 

Co-Founder of Stanford University Life Design Lab and Co-Author of Designing Your Life shares his profound story of the power of family, and of discovering what we “can’t not do.”

“For the past 6 years, we’ve been searching for innovative strategies and partners, like 1MILLIONHOME and Orphan Myth.”

tom hall

orphan myth

lindsay hadley · 6 mins

Founding Member of Global Citizen and Hadley Impact CEO shares a sneak peak of a collaborative global campaign to drive lasting, large-scale change in child permanence.

a message from ubs optimus foundation

tom hall · 1 min 

Head of Philanthropic Services for the UBS Optimus Foundation highlights UBS’ pioneering efforts to accelerate global orphan care reform through innovation and collaboration.

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premiered november 5, 2020 · 54 mins

Every child belongs in a loving family. 1MillionHome is on a mission to turn 5,000 orphanages into family reunification centers. With your help we can bring 1 million children back home, where they have the best chance to thrive.