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Research and scripture agree that children grow best in families. Because of this, governments, NGOs and donors are urging traditional orphanages to reunify children with their families.

Family reunification makes sense, but it’s not easy to implement. You may be feeling the pressure to transition your model of care or have been experiencing challenges in this process.
We understand.

This course is designed to help you to identify barriers to transition, and get equipped to safely and responsibly reintegrate children into families. By the end of this course, you will learn how to turn your “how” questions into “wow” solutions. 

Together, we can help more children journey home.

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See how one organization increased their impact and reduced operating cost after successfully repurposing their orphanage to a family reunification center.

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Introduction to Family Reunification

Core Concepts

48 minutes

Learn the core concepts that are crucial to successful family reunification. Understand basic principles of the family reunification model, and explore the evidence for why children do best in families.


1 hr

Every child has unique needs, and therefore deserves an individualized care plan. Learn how to combine spiritual care, trauma counseling, and academic support to provide what the child needs in a holistic way.


1 hr 45 mins

 Understand the five stages of reintegration that will keep children at home and families together. Using proven tools, discover how to find a safe home, prepare the child, and strengthen the reunified family.

Envision the Transition

51 minutes

Create a communication plan to engage your stakeholders, staff and donors. Develop tools for staffing, operations and financial management.

Build your Toolkit

Coming soon! An interactive toolkit that will walk you through how to implement your transition plan. Visit for more information.

“Before attending the workshop we didn’t know where to start.”

“It was encouraging to know that we are not alone, and others are facing the same challenges whether it be in Haiti, Cambodia or Zambia.”

“The best part about this course is we can do it anywhere, anytime.”

“This workshop is so easy to understand.”

“We were immediately able to apply what we learned.”

Before attending the workshop, we didn’t know where to, we're able to start getting kids home.

It was encouraging to know that we are not alone, and others are facing the same challenges whether it be in Haiti, Cambodia or Zambia.

The best part about this course is we can do it anywhere, anytime.

This workshop is so easy to understand...We were immediately able to apply what we learned.


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Designed by leaders just like you

This Family Reunification 101 Course was developed in collaboration with staff and volunteers from Agape Children Ministries. Agape’s love-based approach to reunification have rescued over 3,000 children from dangerous situations, equipping them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for long-term success at home with their families.

More to come

The Future of Family Reunification

We are currently developing additional courses with our partners on Reintegration of Children with Special Needs, Family Strengthening, Trauma Competent Care, and Engaging Your Local Church with Fostering and Adoption.

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