How We Collaborate

There are over five million children in orphanages and over a hundred million children living on the streets. We create pathways for those children to return to family. We do this by working with local organizations that have track records of reunifying and strengthening families.

Our Approach

We work with local partners to establish and enhance programs that safely return vulnerable children to family.

Through proven methods of tracing, assessment and family preparation, children are returning home. Once the child is home, local staff follow up with families and ensure their ability to access services in the community.

Why does 1MILLIONHOME work with local partners?

The most effective way to initiate long-lasting change is by tapping into local leadership and contextual solutions. The institution of family is hardly a new concept, but navigating reunification and strengthening is best done by people that understand national systems and cultural values.

What is 1MILLIONHOME’s relationship with local partners?

We are a relationally driven community of practice that is committed to continual learning and innovating. We remain in constant communication with our partners and connect them with each other to sharpen practice and improve strategies for care.

How are local partners defined?

All of our partners operate direct services to children and families in the Global South and are locally registered. Some of them have western offices as well, but many of them do not. Some of them have multi-national teams but all are primarily staffed by indigenous leaders and staff that are committed to implementing and sustaining the work.

It’s all about relationships!

We vet, choose and invite partners into relationship that have demonstrated experience in implementing best practice, child-centric initiatives. Our partners commit to monitor, evaluate and report on the work done in collaboration.

Meet Some of Our Local Partners

Samuel Rich highlights the work of one of our partners in Kenya working to rescue, rehabilitate, and reunify children with family. Agape Children’s Ministry started as an orphanage but when they discovered children in their care had families they could return to, they asked, “what will it take to get our kids home, safely?” Today, they have helped over 3,000 children make the journey home and support them in family!

How does 1MILLIONHOME choose local partners?

1MILLIONHOME is a relationally driven community of practice. Local partners of 1MILLIONHOME go through an initial application process and then select organizations are invited to interview and further explain their program model. Organizations are invited to collaborate on resources and practice in the child care field. National Accelerator partners are also visited and assessed on-site.

What does 1MILLIONHOME expect from local partners?

The entire community of practice convene around the mission that children belong in families and are actively working to end the family separation crisis. On that foundation, partners provide services in their context that reunify families, provide alternative family care when needed and strengthen families in need. Partners provide regular impact reporting to ensure effective programming and the accomplishment of agreed upon goals and objectives.

1MILLIONHOME is grateful for opportunities to collaborate with the following leaders in reintegration and family care work: