Upcoming Events

Family Reunification 5-Day Workshops for Practitioners

Lusaka, Zambia – TBD 2020
Kampala, Uganda – TBD 2020
Freetown, Sierra Leone – Sept 2020
Kisumu, Kenya  РTBD 2020

Designed for practitioners and child care workers interested in transforming their model of care, these 5-day training workshops will empower you to reunite children in safe, successful and sustainable ways. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our summer workshops are postponed in the interest of public health. Please stay tuned for upcoming international workshops.

Orphanage Transformation for Stateside Leaders

Kansas City, MO – Oct 2020

These webinars & workshops are for informing and equipping US-based churches, individuals and organizations who fund and oversee orphanages and are interested in transforming their model of care to family reunification.

Can't be there in person?

Access our online training 24/7. Developed for practitioners by practitioners, our online course covers core concepts and equips you to start transforming your model of care. Learn at your own pace today!
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