What we do

Every child deserves to grow up in family. We’re committed to keeping children in families and working to transform systems of care in a way that prevents separation.

The reality for most children living in an orphanage is that they actually have a family to return home to – but institutions, plus a lack of resources for parents, prevent this reunification effort – and a child can’t live up to their full potential outside of family.

Through radical collaboration we are on mission to transform orphanages into family reunification centers, and with your help we can transform over 5,000 orphanages, and bring 1 million children back home, where they have the best chance to thrive. 

Here’s how:

We Advocate

By collaboratively supporting the efforts of returning children to family and publicly engaging in awareness for the cause of family reunification.

We Recruit & Equip

Through workshops, coaching and our digital community learning platform, we equip orphanage leaders around the world to transform their model of care.

We Build Capacity

By investing in Community Leaders and raising National Accelerators currently succeeding in reunification, localized practices, and sector influence.

Our Approach

Family First Placements

• Our community of practitioners provide high quality, individualized care based on the specific needs of each child, family, and community.
• Reunification of a child with biological parents is the highest priority. If that is not possible, we look for placement with extended relatives.
• For children who can’t return home to a safe biological family, we remove barriers to permanence through adoption.
• In all cases, we promote long-term post-placement support that works to strengthen the family and journeys with the child.

Transforming Orphanages

• We don’t desire to see orphanages shut down, rather we aspire to see orphanages transformed.
• We host Family Reunification Workshops worldwide to catalyze organizations towards transforming their programs.
• Our team helps organizations re-purpose an orphanage facility and staff into a functioning family focused operation (such as Reunification Center or Family Strengthening Site)
• Our goal is to recruit and equip 5,000 orphanages committed to family reunification efforts across the globe, resulting in 1,000,000 children returning home.

Our Community

Stories of Impact

Lost and now found: Paul is reunited with his children 6 years later

Paul Smith faced a desperate decision in the fall of 2012. The 35 year old disabled single father was struggling to provide for his elderly mother and two young children, Hannah, age 8, and Paul Jr, age 4. There was never enough to eat. Believing there was no way he could adequately care for his children, the difficult decision was made to bring the children into an orphanage.

Over time, the orphanage transformed its system of care to focus on reunification and started a Family Strengthening Program to help families address the problems that made it difficult for them to care for their children. Through micro-finance and business training skills, and with continued support for his children’s education and health care, Paul was ready to welcome Hannah and Paul Jr. back home.

The children are so happy to be reunited with their father. They both attend schools near their home. Paul Sr. is proud and grateful to be a father to his children again. “I thank God that the children are reunified with me, and we are living as a happy family,” he says.

Source: Helping Children Worldwide | 1MH Regional Partner
Stories of Impact

Nabs: From Orphanage to Now Reunifying Children

Nabs grew up in Sierra Leone when the country had 11 years of senseless brutal civil war that tore it apart. It was during that war my dad his killed and he ended up on the streets separated from his mother. He was taken into the orphanage where he lived for 10 years, not knowing his mothers’ whereabouts or even if she was alive.

He had three meals a day, shelter but longed to be back with family. As an adult, he went to college and then became the director of the orphanage, but didn’t want kids to be separated and grow apart from their families and communities. Nabs and his staff began searching for the families of all the children living in the orphanage, preparing both the families and children to be reunified. Now every child from the orphanage is back home with their family and doing so well.

Nabs changed the name of the orphanage to Child Reintegration Centre. where their goal is to not only rescue children, but see families strengthened and children reintegrated safely home. Nabs believes that with children staying in loving families, the future of Sierra Leone will be one that is more united and that much sweeter.

Stories of Impact

Tariku Reunified with Family

Tariku was received into Mananasi Childrens Home at the age of 6 from the streets of Ogembo, Kenya. He stayed at the home three and a half years. Staff attempted to reunify Tariku with family, but efforts were unsuccessful as the family was not ready to take him back home.

After attending a workshop, staff initiated a new reunification model, which included care and counseling for both Tariku and his family, and finally the family was reunified. Follow-up visits with by social workers with Tariku and family have been very successful, and many other kids have now been reunified by Mananasi Chlidrens Home.

Collaborative Efforts

We build capacity of regional leaders experienced in reunification work. With the help of 1MILLIONHOME, these key leaders are helping more children return home – equipping orphanage directors with resources and support, implementing best practices, and generating leads of orphanages wanting to transition to family-based care.

1MILLIONHOME is grateful for opportunities to collaborate with the following regional leaders of reintegration work:

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