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“The best part was seeing how happy Mata was when she was reunited with her mother!”

In 2015 the Davis family adopted a child from Uganda. They believed the little girl needed a family, but what they soon discovered was shocking. Realizing her story was not as it appeared, the Davis family made the unprecedented decision to help this little girl get home.

Join the live event and watch the full exclusive story hosted by Michele Schneidler (1MILLIONHOME).

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Michele Schneidler


Michele’s favorite of her tattoos reads “Mended with Gold” — highlighting her celebration of lives more beautiful for having been broken. As a mother of 3, she has fought through infertility, short- and long-term fostering of dozens, and adoption. She “gets it” when it comes to the nitty-gritty grace of God.

After 25 years in business and nonprofit leadership, Michele co-founded REFRESH, the largest foster/adoption conference and community in the world. Today, she leads a global accelerator working to transform thousands of orphanages into centers of trauma rehabilitation and family reunification. 

Michele’s passion is permanent loving families for every child. Working closely with thousands of foster, adoptive, and reconciled biological families has given her a rare understanding of the suffering of family breakdown and child separation, as well as the joy and glory of permanent reconciliations and adoptions. 

Jessica Davis


Jessica is an unwavering advocate for inter-country adoption reform. She seeks to raise awareness of the misconceptions surrounding inter-country adoption as a blogger for ICAV, one of the leading platforms for adult inter-country adoptees. She sits on the board of IAAME, the United States accreditation and approval entity, to ensure transparency and the welfare of children, adoptive families, and biological families across the world. 

She co-founded Kugatta, which provides assistance to Ugandan families of origin, adoptive families, and, most importantly, to adoptees as they search for answers and separated family members. Jessica advocates for every child’s best interests with the tenacity, humility, and selflessness it warrants.

She works tirelessly to support everyone represented within the “adoption triad” and bridge the gap that often exists between the adopted person and their families of origin.

Helping children return home — everyday.

Across the globe, 1MILLIONHOME is working to help ‘orphaned’ and vulnerable children get off the streets and out of orphanages back into a safe, loving family. See where 1MILLIONHOME is at work.


About 1MillionHome

1MILLIONHOME champions permanent loving families for all children left as orphans — reunited with loving biological families when possible, adopted when necessary. We work to transform orphanages away from long-term separation and care of the same children, and into centers of short-term trauma rehabilitation, family tracing & vetting, and family reunification. We work to open capacity for local practitioners to produce far greater outcomes for far more children.

Mike & Mandy Gallagher founded Chosen & Dearly Loved, creators of 1MILLIONHOME, flowing from their experience adopting children with special needs from US foster care and internationally. They first empowered special needs family preservation, as well as removing barriers for parents in 40 US states to adopt children with over 60 different special needs from 19 countries. After later discovering the disabling effects of trauma on the vast majority of children living as orphans, they expanded programs and partnerships to empower adoptive and preserved parents for greater success with trauma.

In 2016 they discovered a greater, more vulnerable, and more traumatized population living as orphans — street children — as well as remarkable pioneers restoring them to biological family. In early 2018, they boldly “pivoted” to make orphanage transformation their lead program design, and in January 2019 launched 1MILLIONHOME.

About 1MillionHome

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