Attachment-Trauma Focused Therapy

An online certificate program by Deborah Gray

What is Attachment-Trauma Focused Therapy?

The Attachment & Trauma-Focused Therapy Certificate Program (ATFT) prepares professionals to help children and families with attachment, trauma, behavioral, and grief issues. Clinicians who take the course are prepared to treat attachment, trauma, and loss issues in children, teens, and families. The International Association for the Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children (ATTACh) has recognized this program, and awarded Deborah Gray, the creator of ATFT, with a lifetime achievement award.

The certificate program offers 46 Continuing Education Credits, including streaming video modules, reflection activities to use with the modules, and a Notebook filled with topic-by-topic guidance. It also includes several hours of online case consultations for every participant following the program!

The ATFT certificate program also prepares mental health therapist and caseworkers to assist children and their families with attachment, trauma, behavioral, and grief issues. The course teaches approaches suitable for people with executive dysfunction and prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol. Participants will also learn how to promote secure attachments, treat complex trauma and traumatic grief, and create healthy families after family maltreatment.

Created by Deborah Gray

MPA, LICSW and Attachment Expert

Referred to as the “attachment guru” by Adoptive Families Magazine, Deborah Gray has the honor of helping families to develop close, satisfying relationships after children’s earlier losses, traumas, and/or prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol. In addition to her therapy practice, Deborah is a trainer and the author of the post-graduate certificate program, Attachment/Trauma-Focused Therapy (ATFT).

Deborah was a Practitioner in Residence at the University of Washington School of Social Work. She taught 19 years in Post-graduate Certificate Programs at the University of Washington and Portland State University on the topics of trauma, grief, attachment, and child welfare. She holds an MPA in Public Administration (Health Care) from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.

Deborah has authored multiple books including Promoting Healthy Attachments; Attaching through Love, Hugs, and Play; Nurturing Adoptions; and Attaching in Adoption. She co-authored, with Megan Clarke, Games and Activities for Attaching with Your Child. In 2015 Deborah was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association for Training on Attachment and Trauma in Children.


Hundreds of professionals have gone through ATFT, here’s what they’re saying.

In my ten years of clinical practice this is the most consequential training I participated in. The material and lessons are pragmatic and directly applicable for anyone working with youth. It changed the way I approach difficult cases of attachment and trauma making me a more effective and confident clinician.

Servando Patlán


The ATFT has been one of my most savvy investments as an adoptive parent, and a clinician. I was introduced to emerging research into the developmental challenges posed by neglect, physical and sexual abuse, malnutrition, and in-utero exposures… The training provided practical approaches to working with people around their unique attachment and development histories.

Sarah Pulliam


The ATFT is one of the most valuable certificate programs I have ever attended. It has made me a better therapist and is full of important research, information and creative approaches that I use in my practice every day.

Bill Soderberg


Three options to fit your budget and needs

Attachment-Trauma Focused Therapy

Online Modules Only

Get full access to all nine modules that contain 20 video lessons, workbook and written resources developed by Deborah Gray.

Modules + 25 Clock Hours

Modules, workbook and written resources from the first option plus 25 continuing education credits through our partnership with Cascadia Learning.

Modules + 46 Clock Hours + Casing Group

Modules, workbook, resources, 46 continuing education credits plus placement into a casing group led by a veteran clinician.

The ATFT Program Features 9 Modules and 20 Video Lessons

ATFT Overview

01. Attachment Patterns: Their Connections to Well-being, Emotional Intelligence, and Stress Regulation

In this module we will explore children’s connections to well-being, emotional intelligence, and stress regulation as well as gain a valuable parent’s perspective with Mike and Kristin Berry from Honestly Adoption

02. Orchestrating the Tasks of Therapy: Treatment Planning for Attachment, Trauma, and Loss 

In this module we will cover treatment planning for attachment trauma and loss.

03. Creating Healthy Patterns of Attachment; Teens and Attachment

In this module we will dive deeper into healthy patterns of attachment, what secure attachment looks like, teens and attachment, as well as what patterns of attachment look like from a parent’s perspective with Mike and Kristin Berry from Honestly Adoption

04. Attachment Assessment: Completing It and Using It In Therapy

In this module we will walk through completing and using an assessment in therapy

05. Effects of Trauma; Restoration After Trauma and Loss by Developmental State

In this module we will explore grief and loss and also gain a parent’s perspective from Mike and Kristin Berry from Honestly Adoption.

06. Moving Children Between Families; Grief and Loss

In this module we will walk through the trauma in moving children between families and how caregivers can help them heal and form healthy attachments.

07. Behavioral Issues and Approaches That Help; Adapting Homes and Therapies

In this module we will cover common behavioral issues that families face, how to respond to and manage them, how to help families adapt, plus a parent’s perspective with Mike and Kristin Berry from Honestly Adoption.

08. Sexual Abuse: Reclaiming a Healthy Sexual Identity

In this module we will cover the effects of sexual abuse as it relates to attachment, how to help families and children reclaim a healthy sexual identity, and learn what this looks like from a parent’s perspective with Mike and Kristin Berry from Honestly Adoption.

09. Taking Care of Ourselves

In this concluding module we will explore the importance of caregiver self-care, self-compassion, and learn valuable insights from a parent’s perspective with Mike and Kristin Berry from Honestly Adoption.

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