Orphanage leaders around the world want to return kids to biological family, but don’t know how.

Before, orphanages housed the same kids year after year, separated from family. But – imagine if orphanages could help heal children from trauma, recruit and equip family for every child, and open up capacity for more children to return home!

If children thrive best in family, then every orphanage that transforms could help hundreds of children find family. 1MillionHome empowers leaders to re-purpose their facilities and staff toward Family Reunification.

We are on a mission to transform 5,000 orphanages into family reunification centers to bring 1 million children home.


For the last 20 years, I’ve spent so much of my time getting kids in orphanages. Knowing now that 80% of these kids have parents, the best thing we can do for them is reunify them with family.


Francis Chan

Best-Selling Author and 1MillionHOME Advocate

1MILLIONHOME is ushering in a new era of justice for orphaned children. Their proven solution and community of radical collaborators are attacking the root causes of the crisis – and winning.


Andy Byrd

Founder, The Send

“We are now able to help more children than ever before!”

Beatrice Njeri


After Beatrice Njeri attended our Family Reunification Workshop, she began the brave work of transforming her system of care. She was able to reunify 54 kids from her organization, and has learned the importance of family reunification first hand.

Beatrice is one of 490 graduates that completed training at our 2019 Workshops. Each graduate creates the potential for hundreds of children to return home to a permanent, loving family – where every child belongs.

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