Home is a permanent, loving family.

Together we can make this happen.

Approximately 8 million kids are languishing in orphanages and
100 million are forgotten on the streets.
80% have been falsely labeled ‘orphan’ and need our help getting home.

Good Intentions / Bad Outcomes

Initially we meant well. Orphanages were built to help children who had lost parents or suffered from extreme poverty. As more orphanages were built and funds flooded in, we created a demand for separation of children from their parents.

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Most kids have loving families

An estimated 80% of children living in residential care have a biological family. They need our help getting home and staying home. Government and NGO Leaders in various countries are trail blazing a new way of care that returns and keeps kids in families.

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Reunifying Families

Our approach is simple. We assist orphanage leaders with resources needed to shift their model of care from one of long term residential care to transitional care and case management support in the home.

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1MILLIONHOME is on a mission to transform models of care to reunite children with their families.

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1MILLIONHOME is ushering in a new era of justice for orphaned children. Their proven solution and community of radical collaborators are attacking the root causes of the crisis — and winning. ”

What we do

Through radical collaboration, we are transforming thousands of orphanages into responsible reunification centers — to get kids safely and permanently home.

Shift the Mindset

Permanent, loving family for every child — reunited whenever possible, adopted whenever necessary.

Why Family Reunification?

Shift the Model

Get children home, not housed. Revitalized operations rehabilitate children from trauma, and recruit and equip safe, loving parents to restore them with.

Find Out How

Shift the Money

Funding dollars are stretched further in rehabilitation and reunification programs.

Exponential Impact

Shift the Method

Transformative orphan care is maximizing the number of kids getting home while minimizing the time to do it.

Join The Movement

Accelerate the Movement

Your tax-deductible contribution of just $1 a day helps bring children home. Your generosity helps care for children, reunify families, and restore communities.