Home is on the Heart of
Every “Orphaned” Child

Most “orphans” are not actually orphans.

The vast majority of children living in orphanages or on the streets actually have a family to return home to. We are a global movement on a mission to reunite kids with their families and get them back home.

Every child deserves a family!

The good intentions of institutions and a lack of resources for parents have caused millions of children to be separated from their families. Children belong in families and we believe there are two ways home.

Reunification when Possible

80% of “orphans” can be safely reunited
with their families.

Adoption when Necessary

20% of “orphans” are in need of adoption
to have a safe home.

What will it take to get kids home?

Shift the Mindset

Believing every child is to be reunited with their family whenever possible and adopted whenever necessary.

Shift the Model

When orphanages shift from long term housing to family care, it opens the door for millions of kids to go home.

Shift the Money

Supporting a child in a home goes ten times further than supporting a child in an institution year after year.